Foreman Resume

Organization: Florin Inc,
Duration: June 2009 to Dec 2010
Designation: Sheet Foreman
• Preparing and interpreting blueprints and drawings
• Handling the overall construction activities of the project
• Maintaining materials and tools as well as preparing site safety
guidelines and procedures
• Scheduling work activities and performing installation of handling
duties related with Sheet Metal Mechanic
• Testing the equipment capabilities and developing safety
regulations as required
Will be please to provide upon request
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Technical Theater Resume Template

John E. Doe
123.456.7890 62″ 7185
johne.doeé Tenor
Les Miserables Marius City Theatre Company
Dir. George Washington
West Side Story Tony City Theatre Company
Dir. John Adams
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Brick City Theatre Company
Dir. Tom Jefferson
King Lear Edmund Such and Such University
Dir. Jim Madison
Carousel Billy Bigelow Such and Such University
Dir. Jim Munroe
The Count of Monte Cristo Edmond Dontes Such and Such University
Dir. Andrew Jackson
Into the Woods Rapurvel’s Prince Such and Such University
Dir. Mary Van Buren
«Charlie Brown Snoopy Shoestring Productions
Rock Horror Picture Show Riff Rafé Artist Theatre Association
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Oberon Artist Theatre Association
Four Rooms Bell Hop (Lead) Lion’s Gate Films
Dir. Bil Harrison
Such and Such University, BFA Musical Theatre
John Tyler, Jim Polk, Zach Tay lor
Artist Theatre Association Summer Intensive ‘09
Mil Fdmore, Frank Pieroe, Jim Buchanan
Special Skills:
Juggling, Snowboarding, Beginner Guitar, Intermediate Spanish, Driver’s License, Passport

Teacher Resume Template Word

Office Support Professional
Ninole is
a longtime (15 years) worker within the veterinarian field who successfully moved into an
administrative assistant’s job in a medical office. She sent out one resume and got the
803-777-7777 •
1923 New ways Road, Winter Garden, Fl. 34777
Receptionist …Perk … Administrative Assistant
Top -performing office assistant with a
professionalism. integrity, creativity, resourcefulness, and
competence. Superior communication and listening skills.
Records management
Strong client focus, with attention to detail and excellent follow
Customer liaison
Front office operations
Workflow planning /Scheduling
Redesigned administrative processes to streamline functions.
Troubleshooting / Problem solving
redundancy, and expedite workflow. Initiated the
Inventory control
conversion from manual processes to a fully computerized
office Implemented the automated Geviry
Improved customer service by developing a new client
sumey, soliciting feedback to quickly resolve client
complaints and ensure top-quality service and satisfaction
Launched an employee -of -the -month incentive program to
• Microsoft word
build unity and pmmote outstanding customer service
• Cornerstone Proptietaty
Contact Management Software
Practice Manager – 1997 to 2010
Receptionist – 1996 to 1997
Orlando, Eknida
rogrprinyi “1’5 &dors, 10 irdourianr, and 7 trevioroiris
silb omitted renew, 01′ 5 million)
Western States Conference
in Tampa
Over saw scheduling, managed inventory, and trained
— Annual training receptionists and
receptionists. Accountable for financial reports including daily-
deposits, monthly billings, and collections.
Receptionist – 1994 to 1996
GARRETT, BRIAN, DV11,I, Charleston, South Carolina
(04e4dor reIrtinag elixir; 2 Arbriciaar, 2 rraptimills)
Professional and cheerful first point of contact. Broad -based
experience in answering multiple telephone lines, scheduling
appointments, and filling prescriptions.
Epy oerc.n
Administrative Assistant
KS ENTERPRISES, INC., Charleston, South Carolina
Ckrking Assistant
Bradenton, FL

Software Engineer Resume Template Sample

Software Engineer
77 Waal Port Plaza. Sum 550 • St. Loofa, 1.10153146
C.o.d. Wu Ftearrnan
1997 -June 2000
Company – City, ST
Software Engineer
Informadon Technology Training Program, (
6/1497. S
• Graduate of the three-year corporate pr iC0fni:efor; future IT leaders through full,
time rotational assignments.
• Completed Masters degree with a 4’4 rehl0 working fell -time.
• Strengthened leadership, corn
jx,fessional skills through GE sponsored training courses.
• Actively recruited and Initial candidates for the program National Broadcasting Coiti
n ), Rotations 4 (1/2000-6/2000) & 2 (6/1998-6/1999)
•Participated in &vele/0*M 1, ; 7rGenesis, a Mission -critical syStem that controls broadcast operationaarNBC. The system has been live at NBC since July 1998.
• Coded in Cr-+ and TCUTK with a code base of over a quarter -of -a -million lines of code.
• Organized and led the successful Y2K testing of Genesis. Identified critical problems
that were fixed in time for Y2K.
• Developed a prototype of a web -based scheduling system using Java Applets, SeMett,
JDBC, and Microsoft SQL Server. Presented it to company executives at NBC and
received funding for a new project that is currently underway.
GE *lecke Systems. Rotation 3 (W999412090)
• Developed a Java application with a Swing GUI for remote monitoring & diagnostics of
Magnetic Resonance equipment. Managed project tasks with a consultant in India.
Gave customer demonstrations to groups of up to one hundred people.
• Developed an n -tier web application that provided smart retrieval of service
documentation. Technologies included Oracle, JDBC, Servlets, Java, JavaScript, and
GE Information Services, Rotation 1(6/1997-
• Developed an Mier web application to browse, search, and administer an LDAP
Directory Server. Technologies included LDAP, JNDI, Java. Server -side Javascript (a
Predecessor to JSP), HTML, and Client -side JavaScript.
• Developed a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) prototype to demonstrate administration
and use of digital certificates for 0 -commerce security.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute US -NY -Troy
Master’s Degree
Computer Science, GPA: 4.0 / 4 0
University of Notre Dame
US -IN -Notre Dame
Bachelors Degree
Computer Science. Magna Cum Laude, GPA13.7 / 4.0

Social Work Resume Sample

Kate Sims
| Main Sucet Celt: ($55) 322-7337
New Cityland, CA 91010
Resourceful Social Worker who has served in a educational settings for nine years. Specialized in providing relief services to low-income pregnant and parenting teens. Adept at handling the stressful demands of working with at-risk youth.
@ Emergency response training ¢ ADHD/ADD specialist
¢ Family group maintenance ¢ Staff development
¢ Community outreach expert *@ =Mood disorders knowledge
« Grief and bereavement counseling © Family care
e Program management © Attentive
Social Worker, 02/2008 — Current
New Cityland School System — New Cityland, CA
e Evaluate and address individual student needs and concerns.
© Write petitions, court reports, case plans, and other legal documents.

  • Conduct mental health assessments in school and home settings of children and adolescents receiving child
    welfare and prevention services.
    ¢ Consult with other professionals regarding the treatment of specific clicats.
    e Educate students and their families regarding community resources.
    © Develop workable solutions for recurring problems for individuals and families.
    ¢ Maintain thorough case history records and write detailed reports.
    Social Worker. 08/2005 — 01/2008
    Brown County School System – New Cityland, CA
    e Interviewed clicnts alone and with families to determine what services would best address needs.
    ¢ Advised children and families on community resources. made referrals. and devised realistic treatment plans
    to improve care and welling.
    © Communicated with public, social. and welfare agencies to obtain and provide information.
    © Presented case history material for review and discussion with other staff members.
    2005 University of California – New Cityland. CA
    Master of Social Work
    2001 University of California — New Cityland. CA
    Bachelor of Social Work
    Certifications and Licenses
    Licensed Graduate Social Worker, State of California

Social Work Resume Examples

‘ 22 Street &d.
John Smith, BSW City, State 00000
Phone: (222} 222-2222
Skilled professional with a Bachelor of Social Work and aver $ years of experience in counseling . assexsment,
crisis intervention, behaviour management, youth education, program and project management, agency
partnersbiges and communily oulscach for individuals with mental illness. and at-risk youth and families from
diverse ethno-cultural and racial backgrounds.
Proactively develop, dreamline and energize projects, programs and other disciplines to enhance the social,
educational and psychological characteristics of students, parents, ectcators, social workers and the general
public. Proven record of success communicating and interacting with cents, physicians, nurses, social workers,
family services workers and residential and community agencies.
¢ Youth Outreach @ Organization & Time Management
© Public Relations & Community Partaerships. © Program & Project Management
@ Prevention & Management of Aggrasive © Regulatory Compliance
Behaviour © Reporting: Dogumentation
¢ Tea Buibhing & Leadership ¢ Administrative & Cascluad Management
© Child & Family Services AcLICFSAD © Contident Prexenaation, Communication &
© Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJAD Interpersonal Skills
¢ Crasis Intervention © Microsoft Oftice Proficiency
© Imerview, Assessment & Negotiation « Enrgency First Aid & CPR Level B (Adult.
© Group & Individual Therapy Chik & Infant)
© Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)
York University, Toronty, Ontuzig ,.. Sep. 2005-Ch1, 2009
Core Courses include: Social Work Values and Ethics, Social Wark and the Law, Social Work and
Mental Heath, [demtity, Diversity and Ami-Discriminatory Practice, Community Social Work.

  • Non Viotcat Crists Intervention Certification
    Canadian Mental Health Association (CPI Institute) _.. Dee. 2009
    © Motivational Interviewing Wertshop
    Centre for Addiction and Mental Health .., Jun. 2000
    Ontario Coafercace Pathfinder Club, Etubicoke, Ontario
    Counselor… Jan. 2005-Present
    Educate and guide up to 2S youth, ages 10+. about leadership. peer pressure, indepermlence, becoming involved in
    theit communities. and developing strong character traits through various activities, discussions and counscling
  • Coordinate, plan and direct activities with a team of $ other counsclars, reporting to the Supervisar
    @ Utihze appropriate literature to educate youth on the development of leadership skills.
  • Assign homework and activities to students; correct work and manitor progress
    ¢ Develop strong retalionships: mentoe and support students with any concerns,
    © Organize annual camping trip wath youth to various locations.

Soccer Coaching Resume

In sports, a coach is an individual involved in the direction, instruction and training of

the sports team or of individual sports people.. The Sports applicant should have

knowledge about the fitness and health coordination of the players, how to

implement them and bring out their capabilities.

The coach is to manage the playing techniques and improvise them in the players.

Coach Resume Template

David Grey

Fawn Road


Phone: $4-789-66


Looking for the position as personal trainer or strength coach of a team.

Summary of Qualification

¢ Good leadership qualities and possess good management capabilities to handle a
team efficiently.

  • Good experience of coaching team both at the national and international level.

Career Experience/Job History


Country Club


  • Improvised the playing techniques and introduced new forms for their development.
  • Developed and implemented strength and conditioning programs for the players.


Oetroit Country Club

Senior Executive Assistant Cover Letter

April 01, 2007

John Smith
435, W. Elm St
San Francisco CA 94125
Ph: 415-555-5555

Sean Mitchell
Executive Director
CSU Media Internship Program
San Francisco State University

Dear Mr. Mitchell,

Please consider me for an internship position in the CSU Media Internship Program. [ am
a junior Cinema student at San Francisco State with a 3.4 GPA. Long term, I am
interested in becoming an editor.
As a freshman. I worked as an assistant editor for an SF State short called ‘BLACK.
MAGIC”. In my sophomore year, I worked as an editor for a 20min documentary called
‘THE GOLDEN CITY’ which was accepted in the student category of San Francisco
International Film Festival. As a result, we had to generate an EDL out of Final Cut Pro,
for the negative cutter. | was responsible for seeing the film through to composite answer
print at Monaco Labs.
I realize that I will not be able to step into an editor’s position as an intern. However, I
am keen on working for an editor in any capacity. On the application, [ have listed my
top three preferences from the postings on the CSU Media Internship website. Please
consider my application for a suitable internship opportunity for Summer 2007,
Thank you for your time.


John Smith

Sample Resume US Format

Jason Williams FAX 000 393-222
1515 Pine Troe Road FAX 800 333-222
Philadelphia, PensyWarsa 22004
JASON jasY.cOM _wsEW Jase CoM
Market Strategy Analist with cross-functional expertise in business and
financial anafysis, accounting, marketing,and new business
development. More than seven years of expenence in the financial
Services industry, combining strong analytical skills with business
wisdom fo positively contnibute fo onganization’s bottom -line.
Proven history of improving operations and increasing profitability,
Ability to tatk and conduct business in French and Spanish
1998 – Present] Product and Market Strategy Analyst. Nissan North America, Torrance,
CA. Explore and analyze needs and trends of American consumers |0 aid
long-term corpacate and product development.
® Directed analysis for optimum market-eniry strategy.

  • Increased sles 30% and penetrated new market areas,
    4994-1998] Senior Financial Analyst. MacLaod Wood Corporation, San Diego, CA.
    Provided ad hoc analysis for senior managemem on issues of price
    forecasting modeling, cost of living. an purchase vs. lease.
    © Developed company’s first statistical pnce forecasting model for kamber
    Products and lumber prices
    4990-1994) Financial Analyst. Saatchi & Saatchi, Torrance, CA. Analyze and adjust
    financial statement accounts for related government reporting requirements.
    Provide key financial operations support for the company, with $240 million in
    arwal sales and $1 million in inventory.
    © Researched, analyzed, and identified system processing error that
    recovered USS3 ruilion
    Skills Spanish Fluent and Spanish Fluent.
    Visual Basic Proficient, MS Office Higly proficient, C/C++ Proficient and ASP
    Higly proficent
    1990] Master in Business Administration, Major in Finance. California
    University, San Diego, CA
    GPA: 4.0 Out 0f 4.0. Major GPA: 4.0 Out of 4.0.
    Honors & « Twice awarded Advanced Nissan = * ~=Phi Beta Lambda, Vice President
    Activities Award for individual and team of Finance, 1996.
    achievements 1989, 2000. © French-American Club, Treasurer,
    © Summer study abroad in France 1998.
    1992 and Spain 1993. © Extensive international travel
    throughout Europe and Latin

Sample Clerical Cover Letter

Data Entry Clerk Cover Letter Sample

Sarah McKenna
T7 South Goldstein Lane
Madison, W1 77222
Phone No: 722 – 233 2342
Email Id:
June 5, 2012

Tony Avery
Hiring Manager
Human Resource Department
Red Apple Carp
Madison, W! 77221

Dear Mr. Avery:

I write this letter as a respond for the advertisement that you posted on the official website of your company’s website regarding the vacant position as a Data Entry Clerk in your company. | am capable of handling the duties and responsibilities needed to work in the position as Data Entry Clerk. I also understand that you have some requirements for this position. and | believe that I have accomplished the requirements that you are looking for in the candidate.
I possess four years of experience working in the area of expertise with excellent track record. My skills in written and verbal communication can correspond with the duties that this position holds. The competencies in proofreading the materials and willingness in performing many area of administrative tasks also become the other reasons why I feel ! will be a perfect candidate for this position. For further review, here | attach my resume with this letter. Thank you for taking time reviewing my letter. I look forward to hearing for you to discuss more about this opportunity.


Sarah McKenna