Resume Samples Electrical Engineer Resume Sample For Fresh College Graduate

Electrical Engineer Resume Sample For Fresh College Graduate


111 Oak Road « Philodeiphia, Pennsytvania 19101 ¢ 555-555-5555 «
Electrical Engineer / Prospect MANAGER

Accomplished, proactive engineer with significant experience in electrical design, testing. analysis,

and project coordination. Possess extensive educational qualifications with Master’s and Bachelor’s

degrees in Electrical Engineering. Recognized for strong adherence to safety. ability to work well os
from member and leader, and exceptional work ethic. Proven technical, interpersonal
communications, and training skills. Core competencies and professional strengths include:

» Project Management > Personnel Oversight > Budget Development

» Documentation » Safety Compliance » Project Scheduling

» Project Development » = Cross-functional Collaborations » Cost Controls

» Electrical Design » Electrical Testing / Analysis » Quality Controls

» Project Funding » Outsourcing / Contracted Services » Purchasing

» Report Preparation » Process Improvements » Customer Service


Y Served as project lead for multiple projects with $400K budget entailing control systems upgrade of
seven sites; completed all projects with $300K spend.

¥ Spearheaded internal inspection of above ground storage tank requiring taking tank ou! of service,
cleaning. inspection, repair, and return to service within one month: completed entire project in two

v Delivered $130K cost savings. uninterrupted terminal operations. and ~1300 incident and injury free
contractor hours as project lead to demolish 4 above ground storage tanks.

Y Led control system upgrade project for loading rack a! distribution terminal completed $200K below
budget and 2 months ahead of schedule with minimal disruption to terminal’s operations and ~1200
contractor hours incident and injury free.

¥ Conducted design research and developed cost estimate for project to automate 17 sites on 3
separate pipelines. upgrade control system equipment, and ensure compliance with OSHA and NEC

¥ Objected delivery terminal automation project to convert 21 manually operated valves to motor
operated valves completed ahead of schedule and $200K under budget: received commendation
from customer as “Prudent and professional throughout project.”

v Played key role as member of Electrical Integrity Team and Electrical integrity Safety Assessment
Team in creating and rolling out process to assess corporate facilities electrical safety and
compliance with NEC and OSHA regulations: resulted in successful process development and roll out
to all USA areas within ten training sessions.


UNION PIPELINE COMPANY, Malvern, Pennsytvania: Houston, Texas 1998 – Present
Pipeline Engineer (2001 – Present)

*® Coordinated multiple electrical and engineering projects as Project Lead to ensure on-time. within
budget completion: responsibility encompassed team and contractor oversight. project
development, consultation, research, documentation, submission and approval, design, scheduling.
and construction.

  • togged ~12.000 on-site contractor hours incident and injury free throughout tenure as pipeline
  • Reduced costs for company and customers on various projects with combined actual savings of
    ~$150K and potential savings of ~$650K through continuous collaboration with customers.
    colleagues, and contractors.
  • Performed ~88 job safety observations in 2003 versus required 24 observations per year.

« Recommended improvements for multiple in-house processes related to procurement. document
consolidation, time accounting beta testing. safety, contractor requirements. electrical and
instrumentation guide, project flow charts. and control system standardization.

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