Resume Samples Resume Samples for Fresh Graduates

Resume Samples for Fresh Graduates

Jesse Kendall. ca

123 Elen Street. Cary. NC 27518, 919.555.5555. jkendallcanotmaiL com

Accounting Excellence

Competent, results-oriented, and dedicated Accounting Technician with demoratrated access in financial management.

Proven expertise and strong ubility to increuse reliability, maximize productivity, und introduce system efficiencies.

‘Skilled in effective leadership with focus on tote) arganizeional coordination to manage financial operations, provide

innavieive conceyts and ideas; supervise teams, and aversee sinff. Proven abitiy to control cost that positively impacts the

bottom line. Highly qualified with excepsional verbalwritten communication und relationship management skills to

effectively rewslve peublermm, Pooficient in Micra fi Office (Word, Excel), PeupleSofi, and Peacherec.

Areas of expertise Include:

+ Financial Reporting © Budget Preparation «Staff Leadership

+ Rescarch and Analysis + Expense Control = Risk Assessment

* Problem Resolution * Seraogic and Tactical Planning * Employee Relations

Accounting Experience

Accounting Technician, ABC Enterprises, Cary, NC — 22x to 20x

Processed puvks from receipt through funding. perfurmed routine reconciliatians, and genersied management reports.

Coordinated the production process for Laser Purchasing Unit for MORNET cush loan detiverien, Established a flow of

praduction processes necewary for maintaining and mositoring lender tanemissions Aacited in developing training

material fur regional aoquisitians penwnnel, truveled tw severul regianal offices, and prucewied putt folio loans.

© Played an inptrumenial role in maintaining inventury cuntral of povls during 4 peak volume period.

© Aided in the implementation und prowaled expert-level training forthe MORNET Cash Delivery Syste.

© Controlled internal automatic charges such se interdcpartenental transfers. central store, and buvksture purchases

and validated appropriate account project numbers.

© Processed Journal vouchers for adjustments and eninaged monthly creck cand statements,

Accounting Technician, BCD University, Cary, NC — Nhs te 20x

‘Supported the accounting operations of the bookkeeper in the Mant Pathology Departrnent, Created and verified the

accuracy of reports used for budget anulysis, Coordinated files: cesured accessibility and verified accuracy of informatica.

Administered departmental mvoices and compared account. projcct. and object data with the availability of funds in

accurdance with Collegs of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) and NCSU guidelines,

© Successfully managed files to eraure appeovel of vouchers, acquired status of approval requests, and forwarded

vouchers to uccounts paynble daily.

© Evaluated vendor invoices and settled all unpaid invoices.

© Recognized asthe primary point of contact on Web-based travel reimbursement procemes. Assessed

reimbursements for accuracy and verified approgriate funding availability.

© Reviewed timesheets fur accuracy and processed biweekly payroll.


B.A. in Accounting and Informmativa Systems, Univimsity or XYZ – Cary, NC, 20a

Compkted CPA can in 20ax,


Member, American Insitute of Certified Public Accountants (20xx to Prescet)

Member, Gulden Key International Hunuur Society (20xx to Present)

‘Treasurer and Member, Padercwski Postival Singres (208% lo Present)

2 Oriental Crossway 25-A ¢ East Islip, NY 11730 © (631) 224-3009 ©

Seeking an entry-level position in the capacity of:
Offer a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. diverse experience, and a solid understanding of marketing strategies
illustrated through academic projects and an Internet venture that continues to develop and test theoretical
marketing strategies and business management skills in the areas of:

  • Conceptual Planning – Web-based Marketing – Advertising Campaigns
  • Strategy Development – Marketing Penetration – Media/Client Relati0ons
  • Project Management – Competitive Analysis – Ad Copy Creation

Bachelor of Science, Marketing, 2002
— Academic Research Projects —
Conducted a case study on National (Long Island) and International (Russia) markets to determine the feasibility of import and export operations with a focus on:
Economics, consumer populations, cultural influences, communications, demographic infrastructure. product mix. target marketing and penetration. warehousing. distribution, brand awareness. and advertising strategies (television, radio, print, Internet, billboard, co-op and direct mailings)
Conducted a case study on Microsoft Corporation vs. Netscape to determine the ethical sale and marketing of Internet browsers. Formulated an argument and presented data to support decision in Microsoft Corporation’s favor based on the Sherman Anti-trust Act established in 1896.

Marketing « Sales « Customer Service

Marketing Manager, BigStoreDirect net, Brentwood. NY 8:00 — present
© Conceptualized the development and launch of an e-commerce-driven consumer and
business-to-business Internet-based shopping mall offering a range of retail products and services.
© Cost-effectively increase site visibility through reciprocal link programs with local and national partner sites, and print advertising. achieving a 25% increase m traffic from November to close of 2001.
© Retained a web developer to build site: independently manage all aspects of site maintenance.

Licensed Stock Broker (Series 63 and 7), Gleason & Bowles. Great Neck, NY 3/98 -— 8:00
© Sold MidCap and aggressive high-risk stocks through generation of up to 600 daily outbound sales calls to prospective pharmaceutical, software. and Internet-based client investors.
© Assessed clients short-term financial goals to reduce investment risks and maximize financial gains

Customer Service Representative (NE Region), USA Vehicle Coverage. Huntington, NY 5’97 — 5:98
© Processed customer service requests for a broad range of changes m automobile policy status.
© Achieved a 99%. customer retention rate, as a result of customer needs assessments and quality service.
© Interfaced with Claims, Sales, Underwriting. Fraud Investigation, and Special Requests departments to ensure proper communications and timely, accurate processing of claims.

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