Resume Samples Sample New Graduate Resume Examples

Sample New Graduate Resume Examples

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intelligent and adaptable entry-level Finance Associate with a nearly complete business degree from Rutgers
University. Knowledgeable Audit Intern who possesses the strong ability to accurately collect data. draw valid
conclusions, and present viable solutions. Well-rounded individual with over five years of experience in a
number of business-related positions, both internationally and domestically.

Bachelor of Science In Accounting and Finance Date of Graduation: Jon. 2012
Rutgers University, Newark, NJ GPA: 3.55/4.00
. Awarded a scholarship from the Financial Planning Association of NJ (Oct. 2009).
. Financed 80% of schoo! expenses by working (55 hrs/wk} while pursuing degree at full-time status.
. Recognized on the Dean’s List for academic excellence in two semesters.
Language Skills: Fluent in English, Russian, Greek, Ukrainian & German: Basic skills in French & Spanish.
Software: Advanced Excel, MS Word, and PowerPoint.

Communicated effectively with clients to meet their needs and requests. Acquired an excellent sense of spatial
orientation by driving and plotting courses extensively throughout the mid-Attantic region. Sharpened the ability
to prioritize tasks, which resulted in better time management and customer satisfaction.
. Provided exemplary customer service to clients while meeting stringent deadlines.

GEODIS WILSON, Iselin, NJ (June to Aug. 2010)
Project Management Intern
Developed, analyzed and chose point pairs for a new pricing tool at GW, a freight management solutions
company, Tested the CAPM (Capital Asset Pricing Model) hypothesis to determine validity of point pairs.
Gathered data by emailing Global and Branch Managers. Compiled and fed information into the macro
behind the pricing model. Participated in presentations conferences to introduce the pricing tool to branches.
. Praised by manager for working efficiently and independently while under remote supervision.
. Completed the pricing tool project two weeks ahead of schedule.

STEADFAST ENTERPRISES, Athens, Greece (Sept. 2000 fo Aug. 2007)
Manager/Bookkeeper/Marketer, Exports Department
Oversaw a number of essential business functions, including accounts payable, accounts receivable.
budgeting, inventory and payroll. Traveled iniemationally to meet distnbutors and customers. Participated in
meetings to discuss and resolve problems. Completed research to determine advertising needs and solutions.
e Saved costs by constantly negotiating exchange rates in both Greece and Isael.
° Mastered job rotation tasks with outstanding flexibtity.

ATHENS OLYMPIC GAMES, Athens, Greece (June to Dec. 2004)
Cabling Crew Supervisor/Bookkeeper
Successfully managed a crew of 13 cabling employees. Provided a link between intemational teams by
bridging the language barrier. Coordinated cabling crew tasks. and scheduled daily equipment and supplies.
Validated daily work reports, time sheets and salaries. Built the crew’s reputation for reliability and quality.
° Won a “Special Recognition Award” for the cabling crew’s extraordinary performance.
. Helped increase the crew’s base salary by 1.5 times ofter just a few months.


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