Resume Samples Software Engineer Resume Template Sample

Software Engineer Resume Template Sample

Software Engineer
77 Waal Port Plaza. Sum 550 • St. Loofa, 1.10153146
C.o.d. Wu Ftearrnan
1997 -June 2000
Company – City, ST
Software Engineer
Informadon Technology Training Program, (
6/1497. S
• Graduate of the three-year corporate pr iC0fni:efor; future IT leaders through full,
time rotational assignments.
• Completed Masters degree with a 4’4 rehl0 working fell -time.
• Strengthened leadership, corn
jx,fessional skills through GE sponsored training courses.
• Actively recruited and Initial candidates for the program National Broadcasting Coiti
n ), Rotations 4 (1/2000-6/2000) & 2 (6/1998-6/1999)
•Participated in &vele/0*M 1, ; 7rGenesis, a Mission -critical syStem that controls broadcast operationaarNBC. The system has been live at NBC since July 1998.
• Coded in Cr-+ and TCUTK with a code base of over a quarter -of -a -million lines of code.
• Organized and led the successful Y2K testing of Genesis. Identified critical problems
that were fixed in time for Y2K.
• Developed a prototype of a web -based scheduling system using Java Applets, SeMett,
JDBC, and Microsoft SQL Server. Presented it to company executives at NBC and
received funding for a new project that is currently underway.
GE *lecke Systems. Rotation 3 (W999412090)
• Developed a Java application with a Swing GUI for remote monitoring & diagnostics of
Magnetic Resonance equipment. Managed project tasks with a consultant in India.
Gave customer demonstrations to groups of up to one hundred people.
• Developed an n -tier web application that provided smart retrieval of service
documentation. Technologies included Oracle, JDBC, Servlets, Java, JavaScript, and
GE Information Services, Rotation 1(6/1997-
• Developed an Mier web application to browse, search, and administer an LDAP
Directory Server. Technologies included LDAP, JNDI, Java. Server -side Javascript (a
Predecessor to JSP), HTML, and Client -side JavaScript.
• Developed a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) prototype to demonstrate administration
and use of digital certificates for 0 -commerce security.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute US -NY -Troy
Master’s Degree
Computer Science, GPA: 4.0 / 4 0
University of Notre Dame
US -IN -Notre Dame
Bachelors Degree
Computer Science. Magna Cum Laude, GPA13.7 / 4.0

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