Resume Samples Staff Accountant Resume Sample Education In Accounting And Information Systems

Staff Accountant Resume Sample Education In Accounting And Information Systems

Jesse Kendall. ca
123 Elen Street. Cary. NC 27518, 919.555.5555. jkendall@notmaiL com
Accounting Excellence
Competent, results-oriented, and dedicated Accounting Technician with demonstrated access in financial management.
Proven expertise and strong ability to increase reliability, maximize productivity, and introduce system efficiencies.
‘Skilled in effective leadership with focus on tote) organizational coordination to manage financial operations, provide
innovative concepts and ideas; supervise teams, and averse sniff. Proven ability to control cost that positively impacts the
bottom line. Highly qualified with exceptional verbal written communication und relationship management skills to
effectively resolve problems, Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), PeupleSofi, and Peacherec.
Areas of expertise Include:

  • Financial Reporting © Budget Preparation «Staff Leadership
  • Research and Analysis + Expense Control = Risk Assessment
  • Problem Resolution * Seraphic and Tactical Planning * Employee Relations
    Accounting Experience
    Accounting Technician, ABC Enterprises, Cary, NC — 22x to 20x
    Processed pools from receipt through funding. perfumed routine reconciliations, and generalized management reports.
    Coordinated the production process for Laser Purchasing Unit for MORNET cash loan derivative, Established a flow of
    production processes necessary for maintaining and monitoring lender transmissions Accredited in developing training
    material fur regional acquisitions penwnnel, traveled to several regional offices, and prucewied putt folio loans.
    © Played an instrumental role in maintaining inventory central of pools during 4 peak volume period.
    © Aided in the implementation and prowaled expert-level training forthe MORNET Cash Delivery Syste.
    © Controlled internal automatic charges such se interdepartmental transfers. central store, and structure purchases
    and validated appropriate account project numbers.
    © Processed Journal vouchers for adjustments and engaged monthly creek and statements,
    Accounting Technician, BCD University, Cary, NC — Nhs te 20x
    ‘Supported the accounting operations of the bookkeeper in the Mant Pathology Department, Created and verified the
    accuracy of reports used for budget analysis, Coordinated files: censured accessibility and verified accuracy of informatics.
    Administered departmental invoices and compared account. project. and object data with the availability of funds in
    accordance with College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) and NCSU guidelines,
    © Successfully managed files to erasure approve of vouchers, acquired status of approval requests, and forwarded
    vouchers to accounts payable daily.
    © Evaluated vendor invoices and settled all unpaid invoices.
    © Recognized haste primary point of contact on Web-based travel reimbursement processes. Assessed
    reimbursements for accuracy and verified appropriate funding availability.
    © Reviewed time sheets fur accuracy and processed biweekly payroll.
    B.A. in Accounting and Informative Systems, University or XYZ – Cary, NC, 20a
    Competed CPA can in 20ax,
    Member, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (20xx to Preset)
    Member, Gulden Key International Honor Society (20xx to Present)
    ‘Treasurer and Member, Paderewski Postival Singres (208% lo Present)

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